Our Blog: A Small History Lesson

Our Blog: A Small History Lesson

This blog is old, like 97 in blog-years old. It was created using Moveable Type at a time when Blogger was barely a twinkle in Google’s eyes. The first post was published in 2003; Noel was living in the Alaskan bush and started the blog mostly out of sheer boredom. Since internet journaling wasn’t yet popular it wasn’t even called a blog, it was a weblog.

When we got married I didn’t take any interest in the blog for a solid year. Around that time I noticed that some of our married friends had shared blogs and I started to feel a little jealous. Noel added me as an author and we both shared the duty of writing infrequent posts about the injustices of school, the Logan weather, and occasional trips we took. The blog was mostly followed by Noel’s family and more specifically Noel’s mother (who is still our number one reader by the way).

Over the last year the blog has changed a little bit. We had a kid. Even though we didn’t want Cooper to steal the show, he inevitably gets mentioned a lot. I always thought this would be a turn off, but though it pains my writer’s heart, the posts with pictures of Cooper are always more popular than any of my musings.

Many of our newer readers think that I am the sole contributor and probably think that I must be bored much of the time. Which, let me assure you is false on both accounts. Now that I’m not writing papers or discussing scholarly literature I’ve kind of clung to the blog as a way to preserve my writing abilities to some degree. Sometimes I waste Cooper’s entire nap restructuring sentences until I find them at least passable to be read by other eyes. Noel periodically still posts (see previous post for example), I just don’t think he needs it the same way I do.

Our blog has evolved a lot in its 7 1/2 years of existence. The blogging world has picked up a lot of momentum lately and there are so many people’s lives and opinions to read about. We haven’t given in to the siren call of Facebook yet, so it’s a bit difficult for us to measure our internet “friends,” but I always love it when someone new comments or adds us to their blogroll (yes, we know, even if your blog is private :)).  Thanks for taking the time to read. We’ll most likely be here for at least another 7 1/2 years offering up more random thoughts and quirky updates.

3 thoughts on “Our Blog: A Small History Lesson

  1. Audrey, I love your blog! SOrry that I don’t always comment…usually, I read it thinking I will comment at a latter time….which we both know that takes a miracle! I love reading about your life and how you are doing in Colorado! (I guess I like pictures of Cooper also:)

    By the Way, it was so so so fun to see you guys at Christmas! We hope you are doing well!



  2. It is sad that kids steal the show. My blog was little known and only read by family until I announced I was pregnant and then . . . .

    I know what you mean about needing to write on a blog. This is my only hobby that survived the pregnancy.

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