4 Years

4 Years

Picture courtesy of my mom

About a week ago I helped put together a church activity for girls age 12-18. We had all of the leaders bring in wedding photos to put on display.  The girls giggled at the album where all the edges were blurred to create a dreamy effect and tried to guess which leader’s husband used to be skinny. The girls’ parents were always very complimentary, telling each leader, no matter the lapse of time, that she “hadn’t changed at all.” They’d always add a disclaimer with me though: “I mean, you just got married so of course you’re the same.”

Picture courtesy of someone in Noel's family

Yesterday was our four year anniversary. Though four is only a fraction of ten or fifteen or even thirty, I’m pretty sure that our lives haven’t been stagnant. Three degrees, one baby,  a big move to another state, and two real jobs later –  here we are. Seems like a fair amount of life lived. And we’re ready for a whole lot more.

Picture courtesy of our camera's timer

2 thoughts on “4 Years

  1. Happy Anniversary! I know what you mean, as we are coming up on four years, too–it’s past the “newly wed” stage, even if you haven’t changed that much in appearance. It goes by fast! And I’m sure when we hit the 40 year mark, we’ll say how quickly that went, too.

  2. Remember when we were newly married and in the student ward – 4 years was an incredibly long time! I can’t believe it’s gone by so fast.

    By the way Brandon always remembers your anniversary because he and Noel were almost scheduled to home teach on that day once.

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