Campaign for Favorite Aunt

Campaign for Favorite Aunt

Danielle helping Cooper practice walking.

This past weekend, we were lucky enough to have Noel’s sister Danielle visit from North Carolina. The last time we saw her it was June, so it’s been awhile. It was a nice weekend of sightseeing and too much greasy food. Historically, Danielle isn’t such a fan of babies (Shhh, don’t tell the Coop!), but judging by the adorable gifts Cooper received and the fact that Danielle volunteered to hold him, even when he was stinky, seems to indicate Cooper’s smuggled his way into her heart. Wish we all lived closer.

Danielle holding the stinky baby. Can you tell Cooper's pleased with himself? (Please excuse the stripey shadows due to my sub par photography skills.)

2 thoughts on “Campaign for Favorite Aunt

  1. hahaha! I LOVE the picture of Cooper smiling and the expression on Danielle’s face. It must run in the genes, b/c I’m not too fond of children myself…but of all the pictures I’ve seen of mini Cooper, I’m pretty sure he would easily win over my heart in the snap of a finger as well.

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