It’s been awhile, but let’s talk about some green things. Here are some things that we’ve discovered or acquired that save on money and help put a green conscience at ease.

  • Oil Pump Sprayer instead of cooking spray – We have a Misto that we have loved until the pump recently stopped working. Life hasn’t allowed me to take it apart and see if I can fix it, but I’ve got my fingers crossed. Regardless, I’m not going back to the stuff on the grocery store shelf.
  • Cloth Shopping Bags – If you haven’t jumped on this wagon, you should 🙂 So many stores give you 5-10 cents per bag and I really think it’s easier to carry groceries into the house. Now, if anyone has a suggestion for how to remember your bags, please let me know.
  • For the Nursing Mom–  I highly recommend getting a couple of pairs of cloth nursing pads. I think they are superior to the throw-away kind in so many ways.
  • Water Filter instead of water bottles – We have a Pur filter (it stands up to our high water pressure really well). Despite our sub par tasting water, there’s not any dehydration at our house.
  • Spice/food containers – We buy our spices in bulk and just funnel them into the same containers over and over again. If you buy other things in bulk (flour, sugar, etc) Whole Foods will weigh the container and subtract the weight after you’ve filled it to your heart’s content. We haven’t actually done this since we can often find things cheaper elsewhere, but it’s just an idea for how to take your greenness to the next level.
  • Instead of Paper Towels – Hand towels (wash often), sponges (microwave or throw in the dishwasher when they get stinky, but are still usable), and cloth napkins (plus it makes you look classier).
  • Refill Ink Cartridges – We refill ours at Costco. So much cheaper than buying a new one, you do have to remember to take it in before it’s completely empty though.

Anything you guys have/do that cuts down on the things that end up in your trash?

3 thoughts on “Reusables

  1. Great ideas! I’ll have to check the Misto out. We just got rid of our spray because I was a little paranoid about it being rancid, since I realized we’ve had it since we’ve been married. Yuck!

    I’m definitely no help with the cloth grocery bags. Even when I put them in the car, I forget to take them into the store…

  2. I’m sorry if Cooper is teething. Hopefully that is it, and that you are that much closer to getting it over with. Either way a baby that is not content isn’t very fun. Your lemon bar recipe looks tasty! I’ll have to try it.

    I’m glad you shared about the Misto. Over the last several months I have thought, “We’ve really got to find another way to do this.” every time I use our spray. It seems like Megan Lindstrom might have just put oil in a spray bottle or something. Maybe I’ll ask her and let you know 🙂

    As far as the grocery bags, it has just been a matter of practice for me. I put away the groceries and immediately hang my bags on or near the door. Then I’ll put them in the car when I go outside (sometimes even if I’m just checking the mail or walking with Anika). I leave them in the car near her carseat, so I’m even better at remembering them now that I have to get her out of the car too 🙂

    Can you get refill-able ink cartridges with any kind of printer? Do you know how would I find out?

    1. I’m pretty sure you can refill most ink cartridges. I think the best thing to do would be to find a place where you could get them refilled (I know Costco and Walgreen’s offer the service in their photo departments and I’m sure there’s others) and see if they have a list of what brands they refill. It doesn’t last forever though; you can generally only refill a cartridge 4-6 times before you have to buy a new one. You also need to make sure you take the cartridges in pretty soon after they start producing stripey printouts. If you run the cartridge too dry they can’t refill it

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