Real Food

Real Food

Cooper has never eaten “baby food” and I like to think this has made his food preferences more sophisticated.

Does your baby like sauerkraut?

It is sometimes funny to see people’s reactions when we’re at restaurants. Cooper is convinced he’s an adult, so there’s no ordering off the kid’s menu. He will open his mouth wide for whatever we’re having, whether that’s pizza or a smoked lamb quinoa soup with pickled onions (which is delicious by the way), and eat it with a smile. We just hope his good taste sticks with him. We’d prefer not to have a Wonder bread kid.

At lunch with his make-shift bib.


5 thoughts on “Real Food

  1. Did you puree “normal” food in the beginning, or just give him small bits? I had intentions of pureeing foods for both my boy as they started solids, but I caved and bought some jars of baby food, because they are so convenient. I never seem to get around to pureeing food, so, if I didn’t buy the jars, my child never eats any type of food. (Well, I actually pureed a bunch of peas a couple weeks ago and that that didn’t turn out well, due to my own blunder). But I think it’s great that you feed Cooper regular food. Caleb stopped accepting baby food around 10 months and since then only ate our food, which has given him a pretty good palate as well.

    1. Our overall goal was to not put extra effort into making food for Cooper. For the most part, small portions of what we were eating was cut into small pieces or occasionally mashed. I didn’t do that much pureeing, although I did regularly keep homemade applesauce, mashed yams, and yogurt on hand for the occasions that we were eating something that didn’t seem baby appropriate (like nachos, which we honestly shouldn’t have been eating either :)).

  2. speaking of food- I read Noel’s comment on my blog, and YES! we just discovered Five Guys a few weeks ago, and LOVE IT! It’s so delicious. And yes you’re right about the fries, definitely only need one! good thing we were with someone who had eaten there before, otherwise we would have made a terrible mistake.

  3. Wow! That’s impressive. I’ll have to your approach next time around. Sam is a stinker when it comes to eating. His approach is that it’s way more fun to throw it than eat it.

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