After months of expressing no interest in learning to crawl, lo and behold:

He has also been sipping from the sippy cup on his own. We are so proud.

Cooper sipping the sippy cup

11 thoughts on “Breakthrough

  1. I love his little grunts. He is just working so hard. What a cutie! Also, thanks for your words of knowledge and encouragement, it really helps.

  2. Good job, Cooper! I love that you put the computer within reach to, as a “goal” for him. When I wanted to get a video of Caleb “crawling” (on his stomach), I put my cell phone as the target. Kids love technology! Let the baby proofing begin…

  3. Cooper’s going to have so much fun! Now all of his wildest dreams are within reach 😉 The computer is Sam’s favorite toy too! When the movie started, Sam ran over to see what was going on, and then sat there and watched Cooper.

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