Sugar and Spice

Sugar and Spice

If you’ve ever been to a children’s department or store you’ve probably noticed this, but the little girl’s section is always bigger. Even in stores where one side is devoted to little girls and one side is devoted to little boys the selection isn’t equal. You’ll find that the seemingly equal division is an optical illusion and the girl’s side really takes up more of the store. As a parent of a little boy, I find this frustrating and discriminatory. Yes, little girl things are cute with all of the frills, flowers, and bows, but little boys are cute too dang it! I get bored of the lack of creativity that goes into outfits for boys. Most stores carry only a slim selection of t-shirts and athletic shorts with baseball bats proclaiming he’s “Mommy’s All-Star” or “Daddy’s MVP.” When little girls get dresses and patent leather shoes, little boys get sweatpants and sneakers with football detailing. I know some people love this, but since I don’t aim to raise a little jock, I’m not one of them. Sometimes I have visions of myself marching into Carter’s headquarters and taking over their little boy division or simply starting my own company that makes only affordable, classy little boy clothes. Clothing that makes little boys look like sophisticated little men instead of future couch potatoes of America. Maybe someday. In the meantime, I’ll just be jealous of little girls and their wide selection of apparel options.

Speaking of little girls, my dear friend from high school just adopted a sweet little girl: Miss Sophie Anne. I was more than secretly thrilled to temporarily enter the land of ruffles and bows as I whipped up a few gifts for the little gal.

The headband, dress, and giraffe were made by me while the shoes were a great find (I kind of wanted to keep them, but Noel wisely decided we should give them to someone that actually has a little girl).

We were lucky to meet the little lady when Emily and some of her family stayed with us on their way back to Utah. We’re so happy for Emily and Dan and their new adventures into parenthood. Welcoming a baby into the world is always a little pricy, and adoption is definitely no exception. Emily’s brother is hosting a 5K fundraiser next week, so if you’re able bodied and anywhere near the Willard, UT area next Saturday, you should join them.

Pam, Sophie, Katie, and Emily. I don’t think they were too thrilled that I took this picture first thing in the morning, but they’re all beautiful nevertheless.

Cooper wasn’t quite as happy about Sophie as the rest of us. He might be in for quite the rude awakening if we ever have another child.

This is what Cooper thought of Sophie.


7 thoughts on “Sugar and Spice

  1. haha! I love Cooper’s face. Reminds me of that video of him that you talked about on your friend’s blog, that was classic. I think you need to emotionally prepare him to be an older brother, and to expect to not be the favorite anymore (me and Jessie? Clearly I’m the favorite….) The youngest always wins.

  2. Wow, I’m impressed with your sewing skills. I did a double take after I read that you made that stuff, ha ha. And, I love his smug expression like, “Pfsh! You don’t know me!”

  3. Hey Audrey,

    Cooper is a cutie, and congrats to Emily! Yeah for adoption! The dress you made is so cute! Clothing is something that I haven’t really attempted to make. I usually stick with easier things.

  4. What a great picture of Cooper. I can’t tell you how much I LOVE that dress! How did you make it? It is absolutely adorable and you are so talented!

    1. Ready for the big secret? I used an old dust ruffle from the twin bed I slept in growing up to make the dress. The fabric was already ruffled and had the fun embroidery on it. I used this tutorial to make the dress. The sewing part was pretty easy, although I struggled a bit with interpreting the instructions, but maybe I’m just not good at following directions 🙂

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