Curmudgeonly tendencies

Curmudgeonly tendencies

I just went for a quick walk outside. It is such a nice day out. Sunny and a bit breezy. Warm, but not too warm. It kind of makes me sad to be inside working. The strangest thing happened while I was out there too. A skinny kid (maybe 14) on a skateboard with too much gel in his hair was like, “Excuse me sir, do you have a cigarette I could have?” I was like, “Duh. No, I don’t smoke.” Him: “Okay, thanks.” then skateboarded away. In retrospect I should have lectured him on any number of things:

  • Why aren’t you in school?
  • Don’t you know smoking will kill you later and cause you to go broke now?
  • Do you have any idea what kind of nasty chemicals are in that hair gel that you have slathered all over your head?

But I didn’t. It’s probably for the best. It wouldn’t have made a difference anyway.

I’m old. I almost just told off a punk kid just for being a punk kid.

2 thoughts on “Curmudgeonly tendencies

  1. The kid, albeit a smoker, sounds actually pretty polite. “Excuse me sir…” “Okay, thanks.” I’d say this one might be better off than most.

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