Finding Normal

Finding Normal

Hello, again. It’s been awhile hasn’t it? It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. First there was all the moving, packing, and cleaning while Cooper protested from his pack-n-play. (It didn’t help that he cut three teeth that week.) Then there was a start at all the cleaning and unpacking which was interrupted by a week long trip to Alaska to visit Noel’s parents. It literally feels like we’ve been running for two weeks straight. An hour before we left to catch our red-eye flight to Anchorage, we were planting our garden. After the last seed was in the ground we dusted off our jeans, grabbed our bags and hopped in the car. It was only as we were backing out of the driveway that it struck me that I hadn’t packed ANY underwear and I made a mad dash to the house and returned with an armful. Yes, that is how crazy things were. Once in Alaska things slowed down a little, which was a relief. Unfortunately Cooper was feverish and lethargic the first three days we were there (What a great time for him to get his first cold, huh?), but we still managed to have a grand time as Glenna and Mike (Noel’s parents) showed us all there was to see on the Kenai peninsula. Striking vistas, impressive glaciers, and quaint towns – yes, we saw it all. The sun goes down at around midnight there right now which gave us more time to see things, but the downside was that it tricked Noel and I into staying up way too late every night. When our week was up we sadly said our goodbyes and hopped on yet another red-eye, which by the way is great for long flights with little kids, but awful for adults. Have you ever tried sleeping on a plane? Awful. We made it back to our car just in time to join rush hour traffic, which was just a nice way of saying, “Welcome home, you aren’t in the bush anymore.” Back at home we threw our suitcases in the middle of the living room (the unpacked boxes welcomed them to their midst) and collapsed into our beds and slept till 1pm.  Now we are just trying to sort stuff out and and hope to find some sort of normal, if that’s possible. At the least, we hope the next two weeks won’t be quite as intense. As we get things more put together, I promise there will be pictures. In the meantime, here’s some pics from Alaska.

6 thoughts on “Finding Normal

  1. great pictures! Glad you were able to enjoy your time with the Merkets the eskimos! I enjoyed the bear advice too…nice word usage.

  2. You have some beautiful pictures. Too bad Cooper wasn’t feeling well some of the time 🙁 Have fun getting all unpacked and settled in.

  3. It always seems to work out that kids teeth right when you need them not to be too fussy. I hate coming home to a messy house and to unpacked house, I am sorry. But your trip looked fun. I am sure Noels parents loved seeing Cooper.

  4. Your trip looked like so much fun! That would be an adventure with a toddler. I can’t wait to see pictures of your new house.

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