Summer Loving

Summer Loving

Hope you got the most out of your longest day of the year. We took advantage of the extra daylight and went on a family bike ride to get ice cream. Happy first day of summer!

4 thoughts on “Summer Loving

  1. I’ve loved being able to do yard work until 9:30! It just seems like I’m so much more productive having all that extra daylight. So I always get a little sad on the longest day because it means it’s all downhill until the sun goes down at 5:00…

    And by the way, I’m a little bit covetous of your bike trailer 🙂 Cooper looks so comfy in there.

  2. Glenna advised me that on the 21st, due to Morning Twilight and Evening Dusk, we only had 32 minutes of darkness. Even though, I still am glad I don’t live on the North Slope. They never see night, just a bright sun circling overhead. I am sure I can still see the light with my eyes closed. It makes it hard to gear down at night. The plants love it.

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