Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor Spaces

Before we take you into our humble abode, we thought we’d give you a tour of the grounds. Our neighborhood is mostly populated by retirees with meticulous yards, so in order to not be the “young, irresponsible couple” the yard was our first item of business. There’s still a few more stumps and evil weed bushes that need to be removed, but the yard is much improved. When you pull up this is what you will see:

and as you head up the walk

If you head around the side of the house you can take a little path to the backyard

where you can check out our garden

or have a seat on the porch

All in all, it’s a lovely place to stop and smell the roses.

More on the inside to come.

6 thoughts on “Outdoor Spaces

  1. How fun to have your own yard! Is this house close to the one you were renting, or are you in a new area?

  2. What you’ve described is just like our neighborhood. We also made the yard a priority upon moving in. I’m excited to see inside!

  3. The yard look so nice. I am sure it will look good for you years to come. Do we get to see the inside of the house sometime?

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