The Master

The Master

We’ve got a long list of things we want to do with some of our rooms, so I think I’m going to take you on a tour room by room as things get done. Generally our bedroom is the last thing we seem to focus on, but this time it was the first.

Before we even started looking at houses I found a tutorial for some Anthropologie inspired bedding. Truth be told, I’ve never even set foot inside an Anthropologie (Guess I’m not a fashionista or a big spender – anyone surprised?), but I liked the bedspread and decided I needed one. It wasn’t that complicated to make, but it was a bit time consuming. Overall I feel good about it though, because A)  if I’d bought one from the store it would have cost $268 and mine only cost $50.15 (I purchased fabric and thread and used an old comforter as backing) and B) Anthropologie doesn’t make it in yellow. I also made the pillows using some purchased fabric and the stuffing from some old decorative pillows. I don’t know why, but decorative pillows are always insanely expensive, so I was pleased that my cost on those only came out to $17 (plus I have extra fabric).

This wall art was also really cheap. I framed some of the extra fabric from the pillows in embroidery hoop frames and had a photo my mom took printed on a canvas during one of CanvasPeople‘s  free 8X10 promotions.

We also have a closet that you can actually walk into (although you can’t really walk around :)).

The dresser on the other side of the room. That door you see leads to my favorite part . . .

Our very own bathroom! Okay, one last prideful thing I need to share. The shower was not in great shape when we moved in. Even after I’d scrubbed and scrubbed it still looked gross. So, I found this YouTube video and less than $10 later (and several hours of meticulous scraping with a razor blade) things were much improved. (I think doing a tub would take a lot less time since there were all sorts of crazy lines and angles to do in our oddly shaped shower.) I feel so handy.


12 thoughts on “The Master

  1. Wow Audrey- I’ve so been drooling over that Anthropologie bedspread since I saw one on a decorating blog I follow! I can’t believe that you made one yourself!!! It’s gorgeous, and I especially love the yellow. I’m convinced that you need to open an Etsy shop.

    You should check out this blouse tutorial that I’ve been dreaming of making. I’m sure you could whip it out in no time at all!

  2. Yeah so you are basically amazing! I don’t know how you do it. I love your room and the tub does look so much better. I don’t like gross either.

  3. I’ve just discovered the world of DIY and repurposing… you inspire me! Great job- I love your bedspread and pillows!

  4. LOVE IT, love it, love it!!! your bedrooom should be in “BetterHome and Garden”, or “Maratha Stewart.” Amazing. I remember you telling me about your mom and how you admired how she could do anything, and she had lots of hobbies. Well I think you do a great job. I want to be like you when I grow up.

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