The “Do” Room

The “Do” Room

When we were in DC we had cable and I was slightly addicted to HGTV. This year HGTV was having a sweepstakes for a  green house in Stapleton, CO (a do-able commute to Noel’s job). The house was both green and gorgeous and Noel and I religiously entered the sweepstakes twice daily up until the day we were officially under contract on our home. One of my favorite features of the house was the “Do” room. Someday I hope to have one as sweet as theirs, but for now I’m pretty pleased with the one I have. I fear my pictures don’t quite express the awesomeness, so you might need to use your imagination a little 😉 Currently, my “Do” room is taking up one of the three bedrooms on the main floor, so if we ever have another kid my room will be banished to the basement. I’ll enjoy it’s convenient location immensely until then.

Basically the “Do” room is the home base for Merket, Inc. The room is a space for me to do things (iron, sew, blog, read, make grocery lists, whatever). Plus, it sounds less stuffy than “office.”

Cross Stitch my mom made for my room when I was little.

It’s also a room that I think shows my personality a bit: subtle green walls, cubes filled with colorful fabric, tear-off scratch paper on the wall for lists, a bookcase of novels, some of my mom’s art, the poster I won one of the years I ran the Top of Utah marathon, a silly picture of Noel and me jumping in a field, and framed copies of “The Living Christ” and “The Family: A Proclamation To the World.” The only thing purchased for the room was the rug (clearance find at Target).

2 thoughts on “The “Do” Room

  1. I love that rug! Plus I really like the green paint color. It’s really light and fresh. Hmm, maybe I should have painted my kitchen that color… 😉

  2. Cool, we call ours the “project room.” Of course the girls share half of it so now most of the actual projects are done in the living room during nap time.

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