Kitchen and Dining

Kitchen and Dining

We worked hard over the weekend and almost everything has a place now. Hopefully in the next couple of days I’ll be able to wrap this tour up and blog about something else. (I always feel a little weird taking pictures of all my worldly possessions and posting them. It basically feels like I’m saying, “Hey, I’m pretty neat; look what I have.”) Today I bring you the kitchen and dining room. We have some big plans for these rooms that will come with time, but they’ll probably be like this for awhile.

The most exciting thing about this picture is the stove/oven. It’s gas (dream come true) and brand new. I can’t recollect ever cooking on a brand new stove, but I definitely have more motivation to clean it than past ones I’ve used.Ā  When we moved in we discovered that the current oven never got any hotter than 300 degrees and at that point the kitchen would start to smell like gas . . . Needless to say, getting a new stove got bumped up on our list of priorities. One great thing about moving is that if you put in a mail forward you get all sorts of wonderful “moving coupons” in the mail, so we got a decent deal on this baby at Sears. Moral of the story: put in a mail forward when you move, not only will you get your mail, but you’ll get some sweet deals šŸ™‚

Someday we hope to put in some sort of kitchen peninsula here, but for now we have the Ikea bookshelf (so multi-purpose see here and here).

And the rest of the kitchen, nothing too exciting.

Right off the kitchen we have the dining room. It’s fairly simple, but definitely nice to have a separate place for eating. I just wish I didn’t have to sweep it so many times a day šŸ™‚

And just in case you’ve gotten the wrong idea that our house is immaculate (Oh how I wish every room could look as clean and nice as it does on the blog all at the same time), here’s what the kitchen looks like right now.

2 thoughts on “Kitchen and Dining

  1. When I saw your Ikea bookshelf, my first thought was “How does Cooper do with all those great items on the shelf right at his height?” As I continued reading, I got my answer. šŸ™‚

  2. We loved those coupons! I think we got our deck supplies with them. Your dining area and kitchen both look so spacious, plus I love your sliding glass door. All of that natural light would be wonderful!

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