The Rest of the Main Floor

The Rest of the Main Floor

Today I bring you the rest of the main floor. Let’s start with the front room.

We have big plans for how to lighten this room up and add color, but that will come (as many other things) with time. The plants are orchids that I have my fingers crossed will bloom again and the curtains are my clearance find creation.

This is the entryway with my clearance hooks from Target. (Can you tell I just peruse clearance sections at stores?) Noel and I are in debate about whether a table would fit/look good along that wall.

The rest of the room. We’ve got some super groovy lamps and art in the works, but you’ll have to wait on that.

This is a built-in bookshelf in the dining room I forgot to show you. Hopefully someday it will be organized in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

This hall leads to the three bedrooms and the main bathroom.

The framed Rubber Duckie silhouette is my favorite detail of this room. I kind of got the idea from this tutorial, but didn’t actually follow it.

And the last thing for your viewing pleasure is Cooper’s room. (Note: I was reading Where the Wild Things Are to Cooper the other day and realized that the book actually says “Let the Wild Rumpus Start.” I think “begin” has a better ring to it than “start” though so I will not apologize for my sign’s misquote. Hopefully Maurice Sendak won’t be offended.)

The room was blue to begin with and Noel just felt like there needed to be clouds, so we bought a sea sponge and got to work with some of the paint the former owners left us. Turns out I’m an awful cloud artist. I painted over the two clouds I attempted and Noel took over from there. He did a great job and I think it has a nice whimsical look. We also have some glow in the dark paint that we’re going to use to put constellations on the ceiling. The curtains are blackout ones that I crafted. Measuring was a bit of a fiasco for me (I realize it shouldn’t be that difficult, but for some reason it just is NOT one of my talents), but I think they turned out okay.

On one wall we have what I would like to call the “Activity Center.” I spray painted some old cookie sheets and one one of them has some marker board sheets (another Target clearance find) and the other is a home for magnets (which I need to purchase).

For this one you’re going to have to use your imagination. We bought a Martha Stewart cube organizer to house Cooper’s toys and books. I was optimistic that it wouldn’t be a piece of crap, but was sadly disappointed. We returned it and have plans to make our own cube.  In the meantime, just close your eyes and imagine that all those little bins are sitting snugly in a sturdy white cube organizer. Yes, that’s much better. Next up: the basement!

5 thoughts on “The Rest of the Main Floor

  1. I like the living room window, and the bookshelf the is part of the wall. Thanks a look at your house. I only hope one day I can do the same. Hope you guys are having a good summer, that you can rest in peace that your house is put together.

  2. I love seeing all of the cute pictures of your new home. I love what you have done and what you have to work with. It’s an adorable place!! Keep posting, please!

  3. Thank you for the tour! I love to see you making the place your home and it is all very nice. I’m so happy for you and Noel.

  4. You’re right. “Begin” is much better. Everything looks great, and so adult, in a good way. Someday we’ll live in a house…

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