The Elderly Couple Across the Street

The Elderly Couple Across the Street

I like to watch the old couple across the street and imagine what life will be like for Noel and I 50 years down the road. Even though he has Alzheimers, they still seem happy and in love. She laughs about how he sometimes wears her clothes on accident and only a tinge of sadness peeks through her vibrant optimism when she says she sometimes worries about him trying to cross the street on his own. He used to work for the Bureau of Reclamation and after he retired he cared for the grounds at their Baptist church. Apparently the gardens he once tended are one of the few places he can still remember and navigate. I can tell they’ve both had a lot of good memories at their church and I can’t help but ponder on the possibility that he still remembers because those type of memories are stored in his heart, not his mind. On hot days, she parks their car under a tree across the street during the heat of the afternoon because he doesn’t like hot cars and he still takes the garbage out and helps her with the yard. She chuckles and and tells me they should probably be in a home, but as far as I can tell they seem to be managing alright for the time being.

Sometimes the thought of growing old scares me, but then I see couples like this and I think, “Maybe it won’t be that bad.” I suppose that as long as I have love and faith there’s not much that can get me down. “Come what may, and love it” (Joseph B. Wirthlin).

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