Moments as Molecules

Moments as Molecules

I love the face of the guy when his son spills the bowl of spaghetti on the floor. I have so been there. Actually a lot of the points in this video really resonated with me today. After a long night with Cooper last night, I was feeling dejected about parenthood. (I really thought he was past the phase of waking up and crying for 2 hours straight.) You know what, though, whether it’s jumping in puddles after a summer thunderstorm, seeing Cooper’s wonder at bubbles, or how he “helps” me play the piano in priesthood meeting, I’m glad to have those molecules of eternity with my family, even though the happy buoyant moments are like minuscule helium atoms that somehow manage to sneak through latex balloons and the middle-of-the-night ordeals feel more like complex polymers that stretch on forever.

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  1. Memories of life for life, and beyond. Living is learning, and you are just beginning to live. There will be so much more, and I am envious of the ride of your future with wife and children. Each day is filled with those blessings which at the time seem more than you can handle, and after they are over you would like to have you hands back on them. Each pixel will take on a different complexion as the picture becomes more complete. So cool, so lucky, if you can endure.

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