Diaper Sprayer

Diaper Sprayer

Audrey has really been jonesing for a diaper sprayer lately. Buying one outright they cost $45, but the other day she found this tutorial on how to make one out of a few bits and pieces from Home Depot for allegedly around $20.

So the Saturday before last we set out with our list of random plumbing parts. After staring at the wall of valves and nipples and compression fittings and toilet stoppers for about 15 minutes I made the mistake of asking for help and trying to explain to the confused looking man in the orange apron what we planned to do.

Home Depot plumbing guy: “Wouldn’t that be kind of cold for him?”

Me: “We’re not going to spray him, we’re going to spray the diaper.”

HDpg: blank stare

Me: “It is an actual product you can buy as a kit. . .”

HDpg: “Maybe you should buy one of those kits then.” continues stocking showerheads

At that point we left the area and got the rest of the stuff on our list and came back when he was gone and got what we thought would be the right pieces.

One more trip to Home Depot and another trip to Lowe’s later we had this:


When you add in the roll of Teflon tape at $1.07 the grand total is $33.70. We didn’t save as much money as we hoped, but that thing is powerful.

Here’s what I learned:

  • If you’re not doing something normal it’s usually best not to attempt an explanation to the employee trying to help.
  • Go to Lowe’s for plumbing parts. The selection was better and the employee I dealt with was more helpful. (That may have been because I followed my advice above when I went there.)
  • You’ll only save about $10 diy-ing this one. The extra time and trips to the store could make this one arguably not worth it. However, I feel like our little solution is higher quality and will last longer than one of the kits. (I have no way to verify that claim as I have never actually used one of the alternatives, but it makes me feel better.)
  • Plumbing is not the career for me.

5 thoughts on “Diaper Sprayer

  1. Wow, I didn’t know you could get a pooh sprayer! šŸ˜€ pretty cool. That slightly ups my chances of getting cloth diapers for the future, but still not fully convinced, yet. Do you get water all over the place though? I do have to say, your convo with the Home Depot guy was pretty funny. He was so…helpful…guess I’ll remember to go to Lowe’s in the future if I need something like that!

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