A Camping We Will Go

A Camping We Will Go

We decided it was about time we escaped the urban scene once again, so Thursday night we drove up to the National Forest just outside Rocky Mountain National Park and snagged the last campsite. (I always feel a little bad when we do that; I hate seeing people driving around with cars full of gear looking disheartened.) We didn’t do anything terribly hardcore, but managed to squeeze in some hikes, s’mores, dutch oven goodness, star-gazing, and some general chillaxing. We kept wishing Cooper would decide to take up walking full-time so he wouldn’t get so dirty, but the kid had his own plan and wasn’t open to suggestions (see picture of filthy boy below). It was only a two day, two night trip, but we like to think that’s the beauty of living so close to beautiful places.

3 thoughts on “A Camping We Will Go

  1. What a beautiful place to camp! We will be attempting our first camping with a baby trip soon… hopefully it will go well! A beaver? So cool!

  2. That looks like it was refreshing. That picture of Cooper is great! We are going camping next week and I’m pretty sure Sam will be covered in dirt about 2 seconds after we get there.

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