Vegas Visit

Vegas Visit

We made this last weekend a long one and took a short trip to Las Vegas to visit some of Noel’s family. We had a great time visiting with family and being recipients of their superb hospitality. Everyone of course loved having Cooper around and didn’t want him to leave. It was good for Cooper to spend some time with his namesake (Noel’s grandpa “Tick” Cooper).

Cooper and Annie playing Peek-a-Boo with Grandpa "Tick"

But, unfortunately he seemed more interested in playing with grandpa’s “toys” than snuggling up to him and taking a cute picture.

Noel and Cooper driving around Grandpa Tick's scooter.

We also enjoyed Aunt Brenda’s delicious food, a fun Japanese restaurant and yummy custard with Annie (Noel’s cousin), and two buffets with Grandma Virginia. Needless to say, we were well-fed. Our last day there, Brenda and John (Noel’s aunt and uncle) took us to the Springs Preserve. Cooper loved all of their hands-on displays and desert animals.

Cooper and the turtle checking each other out.
His favorite part was getting soaked in the outdoor "springs." We literally had to drag him away.

On the down side, travel was a nightmare. While some of the problems were our fault (like almost missing our 6:15am flight to Nevada), most of them weren’t (like the flat tire on the rental car or the accident on the interstate that would have made us miss our return flight if it hadn’t been delayed).  By the time we arrived at our departure gate we were so exhausted I couldn’t even think of anything smart to say to the desk employee when we had this exchange:

Employee: How old is your little boy?
Me: Almost 17 months.
Employee: He’s adorable. And . . . (quick look at my abdomen) when is your next one due?
Me: March 10th . . . (I can see his brain trying to do math) . . .  they’ll be a little under 2 years apart. 
Employee: Oh . . . (fake smile and forced laugh) I’m going to give you this. (Hands me a special pass to preboard the plane “on the basis of a disability.”)

While I don’t really like that people often confuse my belly with a disability (see another experience here), I didn’t protest. I was just too tired and having first dibs on seats wasn’t something I wasn’t about to pass up. I hope the baby won’t take it personally.

3 thoughts on “Vegas Visit

  1. Well, a “special pass” for airplane ride is right next to parking on thing you want to have a good one of. I think if it makes life easier then why not enjoy a little extra love for nine month.

  2. hah! Oh wow, pretty funny! We are heading to vegas in about a week or less, I’m so sad we barely missed you guys! Glad you had a good time.

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