For the Relatives: Cooper Update

For the Relatives: Cooper Update

It’s crazy to me how much Cooper is growing. I feel like he learns 10 new things everyday, which puts me to shame since I’m lucky to remember anything I’ve learned in the past 10 months 😉 He’s got a few words under his belt (tree, shoes, this, dog, and of course mom and dad) and understands a lot more than that. If I ask him to go get his shoes he does so excitedly and if we ask him if he wants a bath he’ll sign “bath” and run to the bathroom. When he’s in the tub he pretends to pump the soap and then rub it all over his body. Pretty cute really.

The little boy absolutely loves Noel. Every day around the time I expect Noel to come home I’ll ask Cooper, “Where’s dad?” He’ll look around and then run to the front door where he’ll look up and down the street until he sees Noel approaching on his bike. At that point he taps vigorously on the door and chants “Dad, dad, dad!” Whether I let him out of the house or wait till Noel comes in, Cooper always runs up to him and gives him a big hug. The two play all evening long with Cooper begging to play piano duets or “ride the horsey” one more time.

Cooper is obsessed with shoes. Even when he’s wearing shoes he’ll bring me another pair and beg me to put them on. I think he associates shoes with adventure and fully expects that every time I put shoes on him I’m going to take him somewhere fun.

Similar to a raccoon*, Cooper is obsessed with shiny things. He loves playing with my jewelry, which is cute now, but hopefully won’t last forever 😉 Other obsessions include: light switches, playing outside, diaper rash ointment (which he rubs all over his face), glasses (he dropped Noel’s in the toilet), and books (he finally is gaining the patience for me to read at least some of the words before he turns the page).

Sometimes his aptitude is frustrating. There’s no fooling the kid. If you’re drinking juice or chocolate milk there’s no way he’s going to drink something else, he knows when you’re in the ice cream section of the grocery store, and he also knows that we keep baked goods in Tupperware. The kid seriously has a hollow leg. He is constantly begging for food (even after a meal) and isn’t afraid to beg treats from others. He’s also really good at figuring things out. Like how to use the scissors (and cut a hole in my shirt) or text message and place phone calls . . .  Definitely growing up way too fast.

*We just recently came across a funny blog written by two moms called Eating Over the Sink. If you can stand a bit of profanity here’s one that talks about flying – comparing Cooper to a raccoon reminded me of it.

5 thoughts on “For the Relatives: Cooper Update

  1. I am not a relative but I like to hear updates on Cooper (and you guys too). It is fun to hear how your friends are growing and learning from this new adventure in life. It is hard to believe that in just a short year(ish) how fast these little bundle of joy can grow. I think it is great that Cooper likes shinny things.

  2. What some parents soon realize is that at this age, the sponge like quality of their comprehension, expands their knowledge an phenomenal rate. Soon they will become aware that they are thinking faster than mom and dad. This allows them to play a game of see how many things we can get mom and dad to do. Mom and dad need to go on dates to get away from the controller to readjust their strategy to compensate, or mom and dad become a yo yo. The only comforting thought is the knowledge that every other parent has experienced the same problem to some degree.

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