Breath of Heaven

Breath of Heaven

This past Sunday the women at church had a special Christmas program with music and treats. I was asked to introduce the song “Breath of Heaven.” I’m pretty sure I wasn’t asked to talk about this song because of my outstanding spirituality, but for other obvious reasons.

(Kind of like the time I got cast as the Little Red-Haired girl in the 5th grade production of You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.) I’ll spare you the muddled and entirely inadequate thoughts I shared about Mary and her role in our Savior’s life, but wanted to share a couple of things this pregnant mom was reminded of while contemplating Mary’s life.

  • Bringing children into the world (even “normal” ones) is a miracle.
  • Even if having a baby doesn’t quite fit into life the way we’d planned, God knows best.
  • No matter how scared or inadequate we may feel about our role as a parent (or anything else really), the Lord is always there to strengthen us if we turn to him.
  • Motherhood really is a divine calling.

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  1. As long as there are mothers like you, this next generation, a special generation, will be able to do that which Heavenly Father has planned to be done. Noel is lucky to have such a companion as you, and you are lucky to have him. Whatever the future throws your way, I feel very comfortable you,Noel,and the Lord will be up to the challenge. I love you all.

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