For Those That are Missing The Boy

For Those That are Missing The Boy

Cooper cheesing it up for the camera.

Cooper is doing an excellent job of making us want to pull our hair out one minute and having us collapse in laughter the next. Luckily, the funny moments almost always overshadow the frustrations. He loves shoes and he isn’t too particular about whose they are or what they look like. (Although Noel’s shoes often frustrate him since they are a bit difficult for him to maneuver.)

Cooper hobbling around in my high heels.

He’s getting to be a decent helper. He’ll help put away his toys most of the time and wants to be involved in everything we are doing. If I drop something on the floor he’ll say “Uh-Oh” and pick it up for me. He can always remember where we hid his binky even when we can’t; now if only we could get this to work with car keys.  He’s also really good at telling us when we’ve done something wrong. If we forget to brush his teeth before bed or don’t grab him a jacket when we’re heading to the car he’ll just look at us like “what are you doing mom/dad” and either point at or say what it is we forgot.

Cooper put on an oven mitt in hopes that I would let him pull the cookies out of the oven.

He’s learning new words all the time, although it sometimes gets a bit complicated and amusing. For awhile he thought the word for “cookie” was “no.” (Can’t imagine why.)  I made a ton of cookies last week and he would sidle up to me, bat his big brown eyes, and say, “No? No?” in such a sweet voice.

Cooper trying out our version of a double stroller.

We’ve also tried to tell him about how he’s going to be a big brother and that I have a baby in my belly, but now he likes to point at his own belly and say “baby.” As it turns out, learning English is hard 🙂  We’re fairly certain that he might be a little shocked when we bring a baby home from the hospital for good. Nevertheless, we think he’ll warm up to her in the end.

Yes, that is a box of matches he's holding.

His expert climbing abilities are starting to become somewhat concerning as we often find him playing with things we did not think he would be able to find. Just a reminder to us that we need to be extra careful I suppose.

Overall, he’s a pretty good kid though. To relatives far away he sends his love and wishes you a Merry Christmas!

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