Allow Me to Explain Something

Allow Me to Explain Something

Sunday I stayed home from church due to a horrible cough that had kept me up way too many hours of the night. Noel and Cooper went to church by themselves and when they came back Noel told me at least two people had excitedly asked him if I’d had the baby. I don’t expect everyone I know to remember my “due” date, but guessing I’m 10 weeks further along seems outside an acceptable margin of error to me. True, I’m used to people thinking I’m way farther along than I am (Thank you cashier at Whole Foods, telling me you hear women get a lot bigger with their second pregnancies really made me feel better.), but I’m remembering how fun other people’s reactions can be during the final weeks of pregnancy. So before you ask me if the doctor is concerned about how big the baby is going to be, question my doctor’s verdict that there isn’t a twin, or are rendered speechless when I tell you the baby isn’t due until the beginning of March, allow me to explain something. I’m almost 5’2″ (two inches shorter than the average American woman) and I have a small frame; I don’t really have anywhere to hide a baby.  My baby isn’t any bigger than other women’s, it’s all just an optical illusion. Based on past experience, I’m guessing this baby is staying put for at least another 6-8 weeks, so please at least try not to act too surprised when you see me doing my normal rounds with what looks like a watermelon sticking straight out of my abdomen. In return, I vow to do my best not have my baby in your home or fine establishment. Deal?

30 1/2 weeks and going strong.

Sorry to post about pregnancy again, but when you look like this it’s sometimes hard to think of anything else. Maybe I’ll get Noel to post about something else soon 🙂

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  1. Some people’s reactions are so funny. I had someone at church tell me that I was looking nice and fat – I told them I’d take it as a compliment, but clarified that if they ever told me that I look like I’m going to pop I’d have to rethink.

    I read an article a few months ago that made me laugh:

  2. I’m so sorry I brought a cough to you! I hope the next month goes well and healthy for you. You look marvelous!

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