Sunny Days

Sunny Days

I’m told that Golden has just as many sunny days as San Diego. Although I’m sure our sunny days aren’t as warm on average, we’ve had some really warm days this week. (For our friends and family in actual warm climates we’re talking high 50’s here.) I’ve loved opening my windows to circulate fresh air into the house and being able to let Cooper play outside. Yesterday, we went for a family walk during Noel’s lunch break. There were several people out on walks or working in their yards who shouted out friendly hellos.  I love how warm weather encourages neighborliness. When we got back to the house, Cooper dug around in the dirt while I lounged barefoot on the porch swing reading a book. Glorious. Maybe it’s because of all the health benefits of Vitamin D or the fact that we’re avoiding a face-off with Seasonal Depression, but there’s something about sitting outside in the sun that just makes me happy.


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  1. We’ve had some nice days too! We had lunch outside twice and visited Than at work for a treat picnic (because I didn’t get the idea until we were almost done eating lunch). I was thinking about vitamin D and you while we were out today 🙂 I’m glad you’ve had some good weather there!

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