I Can Hear You

I Can Hear You

If you want to hear the truth, all you need to do is hang around old people. And when I say around, I literally mean around. While there are plenty of elderly that will bluntly tell you what they think (sometimes I really look forward to old age when I can get away with this), some of the best truths come out when they think they are discreetly whispering to their friends. At church on Sunday when other people (some more successful than others) tried to sugar coat how great I looked, I knew I could count on the row of chatty widows to give me the truth straight up. When we sat down in front of them, I could hear them hypothesizing about whether I was ever going to have my baby and commenting on how I looked like I was “going to pop.” Then when the people in the grocery store checkout line tell me that it’s “so great” that I’m going to have a baby and a toddler I know I can count on an old lady in the parking lot nudging her daughter to let me know what people are really thinking.  “And she’s pregnant too, oh boy!”

4 thoughts on “I Can Hear You

  1. So what is so awful about us old people. We were once young and we heard the same things. I think everyone is just excited,that you’re going to have a baby!

    love ya Grandma

  2. Oh that reminds me so much of my parents ward. Those widows all thought they were whispering so quietly whenever they commented on us teenagers. Thanks for the smile

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