Which of Us is Almost Two?

Which of Us is Almost Two?

The other day Cooper and I sat down to eat lunch with just the two of us. (We are lucky to live super close to Noel’s work so he generally joins us for lunch.) I had made fish sticks and tater tots because they were easy and they sounded good. Cooper took a bite out of a fish stick, laid it back down and refused to eat any more.  All he wanted to do was dip his fingers in the fry sauce I’d made. I rummaged through the fridge looking for something for him to eat and warmed up some leftover pasta from the night before. It was a pasta Noel had whipped up from his favorite cookbook, The Food Matters Cookbook, which is full of deliciously unusual recipes. (Think things like a toasted sandwich with black beans, avocados, and pickles which was surprisingly tasty.) The dish was composed of pasta, tons of mushrooms, and sauteed onions flavored with red wine. Cooper downed several bowls of the pasta and then ate a small salad with homemade Caesar dressing while I nibbled at my tater tots. I’m proud of my child for his sophisticated palate, but a little disappointed that pregnancy has left me with the food preferences of a two-year-old. Hopefully it’s something I’ll grow out of. (Or would that be shrink out of? Whatever.)

36 week belly – can it get any bigger? Guess we’ll see . . .



2 thoughts on “Which of Us is Almost Two?

  1. Okay, I’ll admit it . . . I’m staring at your belly trying to figure out the physics of how that baby is staying supported. Who cares if you don’t have 6 pack abs. The muscles you do have are pretty awesome!

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