Energy Burst

Energy Burst

I’ve been pretty tired lately. More tired than I’ve been my whole pregnancy. You can tell by my To-Do list. Recently it has honestly looked about like this:

  • Walk 1 mile
  • Watch The Bachelor on Hulu
  • Take a bath and listen to “Birthing Affirmations” (Hypnobirthing track that gets you thinking positively about birth)
  • Nap
  • Do hair and get dressed
  • Load dishwasher

Even with Noel making lunch and me letting Cooper stand 4 inches away from the TV while he watches DVDs, it will take me the full eight hours that Noel is at work to get through the entire list. Then when Noel gets home from work, I lay on the couch and complain about how tired and uncomfortable I am while he tries to make something for dinner that I might actually eat. I might clear the table or give Cooper a bath, but most likely Noel will do those things while I bounce on my exercise ball and then nearly fall asleep in Cooper’s bed. (Poor Noel is such a trooper.) Lately though, I’ve had this crazy resurgence of energy. For example, on Monday I went to Target to buy Cooper a new binky. (I was really hoping his old one would last until we were ready to take it away, but it’s in pretty sorry shape.) On a whim I decided to slowly meander the store and look at all the clearance shelves. I came across some curtains at 50% off that fit perfectly into the color scheme I have in mind for our front room. When I got home I set to work hemming the curtains and making pillows out of the extra fabric for the couches. Keep in mind, I haven’t touched my sewing machine in a month.

The new curtains and my snake grass plant.

When Noel came home for lunch he was surprised and told me to try and take it easy that afternoon. I lounged for about 45 minutes checking emails and blogs before I felt a compulsion to clean our kitchen chairs. I cleaned in between all the slats of the chairs and every nook and cranny of Cooper’s high chair. Then I sanded the gunk off the bottom of the chair legs, and glued felt strips to the bottom of each one in hopes that it will protect my floors a little bit. I also intermittently stopped to start new loads of laundry and get all our clothes washed. When Noel came in the door I’m pretty sure he thought I’d gone insane.  I’m not sure what this burst of energy means, but I’ll take it.


3 thoughts on “Energy Burst

  1. That made me laugh because right now I am letting Sam watch a second Baby Einstein episode so I can relax. I’m impressed you walk a mile every day, I don’t even walk downstairs if I can help it 🙂 I love your curtains and can’t wait to see the pillows!

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