Baby Booties

Baby Booties

It snowed last night, which logically got me worrying about my unborn child’s tiny feet staying warm. The blog Delia Creates has been doing a nesting series the last week or so and one of the days featured a tutorial for some baby booties. They looked simple enough, so I whipped up a pair this morning. When Noel came home for lunch I was just finishing them up and asked what he thought. He said, “They’re inside out, right?” I was about to sew some slightly bulky flowers to the outside to add some spunk, but his comment got me thinking that maybe they could be reversible. Instead of the flowers, I made some faux buttons out of felt so the booties could still be turned inside out and not irritate our little girl’s ankles.

White side with pink “buttons.”
The green side, bursting with personality.

Now that Ellen’s tiny toes have been accounted for, maybe she’ll decide to come . . .

10 thoughts on “Baby Booties

  1. Very cute. I’ve been thinking of how I could make baby Alaskan Mukluks. But I don’t have your knack for these things… that tutorial looked difficult to me.

  2. oh and I need to sew a sheet for my pack n’ play and I was going to follow the tutorial you used…it looks simple enough! Do you like it? Does it go on and off easy? I hate the ones from the store…

    1. I do like the sheets I’ve made. At first I was curious about how they would work since they don’t have any elastic, but it all works because the pack n’ play “mattress” bends. I feel like it fits snug and is easy to get on and off.

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