Sundays and Sun

Sundays and Sun

Still no baby, but it won’t be too much longer.

Every Sunday we drive by the Unitarian church and read their sermon topic off their sign. They always have such interesting topics and some Sundays it is so tempting to attend their one hour sermon instead of our three hour block. (One Sunday I was sitting in the last hour of church and one of the other primary instructors pulled out this cartoon.) The past couple of Sundays I’ve dutifully attended sacrament meeting and then taught my bunch of wiggly 7-9 year-olds (Ten of them were there this last Sunday, ten!), but the last hour I’ve been ditching my final meeting -where it’s my duty to sit in an uncomfortable folding chair and shush kids for that excruciating third hour of church. It is seriously debatable who wiggles more, the three-year-olds or me. Instead, I’ve been sitting in the foyer in one of the comfy armchairs. I stare out the window and ponder or talk with other adults (so nice) as they go about their business. At first I felt kind of guilty, but it’s honestly made my Sundays so much better since I leave church feeling more at peace and less like I’m going to kill someone.

On Saturday it was really warm out. Noel went for a run and I pushed Cooper around in the Chariot at a moderate waddle. When we got home I stretched barefoot in our front yard and dreamed about pushing two kids around on sunny spring days. I too often forget how much better I feel when I spend time outside in the fresh air and sunshine. Here’s to looking forward to double the snuggles and more sunny days in the not too distant future.

38 Weeks as of Saturday


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  1. Oh I hope that baby comes soon! This is going to sound awful, and I’m sorry, but whenever I am feeling miserable it helps to look at your pictures. I feel huge, but I have a much bigger frame to support my ever growing belly. I’m currently bigger than I was with either of the first too, and it’s hard to imagine getting bigger for 12 more weeks. but you are just so tiny, you must be miserable! Having said that, you are adorable and you look as if the only thing that’s grown at all is your belly. That’s more than I can say! Good luck!

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