This Weekend

This Weekend

Two things are happening this weekend that make me excited. The first is our church’s General Conference which is always inspiring. (Plus you can watch church in your pajamas which is nice 🙂 ) The second is Earth Hour 2012 . In the grand scope of things I suppose it’s not as important as the first (I mean we’re talking eternity vs life on earth), but it’s a good reminder that “everyone can take personal responsibility for the future of the planet we live on.” (And at least for me, life on this planet is pretty important at the moment 😉 )The idea is that you turn everything off (lights, computers, etc) for one hour on the 31st (from 8:30-9:30pm in your respective time zone). While it does save electricity, it’s predominantly a symbolic act to get us thinking about how we impact the planet. Here are nine fun things to do during Earth Hour 2012 and an inspirational video.

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  1. You guys are so good at living what you believe in so many ways. It inspires me to think about things differently. Can I put in a blog post request? -I’d love to hear how you became so committed to all things green and healthy!

    1. Perhaps Noel and I will each share our stories in the next little while. Thanks for thinking we’re that committed. We try, but aren’t always green and while we avoid processed stuff most of the time I sure make a lot of treats . . . that’s one of the main reasons we exercise 😉

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