Summery Weekend

Summery Weekend

The weather here has been so warm lately with temperatures in the 80s the past two days. Today we’re returning to a more traditional weather pattern with rain/snow in the forecast, so we made the most of the weekend. In true summer fashion, we slept in.

Of course tuned in to four inspiring sessions of General Conference. (Were there a lot of talks on parenting or was that just what I needed to hear?)

The Coop watching General Conference. His favorite parts were the musical numbers. He acted as if he were conducting the whole choir.

In between sessions we did yard work and went for a lovely stroll.

Turns out the tree with the awful berries in our front yard is beautiful this time of year.

Saturday evening we celebrated Earth Hour with a candlelight dinner cooked over hot coals, camping style. (Don’t worry, I did feed the kids before 8:30. Noel and I just didn’t eat till he got back from the Priesthood session.)

The art produced by Earth Hour.

It was a nice laid back weekend with beautiful weather, but I think the dry Colorado landscape needs a break so we’ll welcome any moisture we can get. I hope your weekend was wonderful and inspiring!

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  1. I thought the same thing about the morning session being directed to me. It was just what I needed, and miraculously both boys cooperated so I could listen 🙂

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