Super Mom

Super Mom

Adjusting to having two kids is often difficult. The house is typically a mess and the laundry is more endless than ever. Most days are considered a success if everyone is fed, no one gets hurt, and nothing is broken.  Every once in awhile though I get this crazy adrenaline rush. Somehow I manage to get everyone dressed before noon and  I’m loading kids in the car one after the other. Once we arrive at our destination I’m unloading kids, setting up strollers and strapping kids in with the speed and precision of a Nascar pit crew during a pit stop. Then we’re heading into the store/park/post office, maneuvering our wide load through tight quarters and dodging other patrons with the finesse of an Olympic athlete.  When I return to the car, disassemble everything, and finally buckle my own seat belt  I can’t help but think, “Holy Cow, did I just do all that? I must be super mom!” And for a few minutes I feel pretty smug. Until someone starts screaming.

Cooper hanging out in our double stroller contraption.
Ellen chilling in the double stroller.
* For awhile I searched the internet drooling over snazzy double strollers. However, they were expensive and I had a hard time justifying the purchase since I already had four strollers. (A tad bit embarrassing I know, but the single baby jogger was inherited, the double Chariot we practically stole from some friends, and the Maclaren Easy Traveler, and the Maclaren Triumph were purchased on killer deals so my stroller addiction isn’t quite as bad as it seems. Really.) True, the Chariot is a double, but it really doesn’t fit into our small car without a GREAT DEAL of effort (and dismantling), which is hardly worth the trouble for a quick trip to the store. I momentarily thought about just forgetting the idea of a “portable double” and making Cooper walk, but then I went to the mall with a mom from church and her two kids (3 and 1) who was doing just that. When the three-year-old threw a tantrum she ended up throwing her over her shoulder while she pushed the stroller. I decided right then that I needed some sort of double option for situations like that. After much thought we decided just to buy some stroller links. For only $10 I now have a double stroller that works beautifully and still leaves room in my trunk for things like groceries. *

3 thoughts on “Super Mom

  1. Yay for Super Mom days. Right now I feel like super mom just for getting through the day with out help from any other adult. And Holy cow stroller links! I need to get me some of those. If you think double strollers are expensive try googling triplet strollers.

  2. My double stroller was a life saver! Noel and Danielle were 18 months apart and I took them EVERYWHERE with it, even on public transportation, and usually by myself. No dangerous run away children, and rest when they needed it, and a very happy mom (except on steep hills!)

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