2 Years & 2 Months

2 Years & 2 Months

I took both kids to the doctor yesterday for well-check appointments. I debated and debated about whether to make their appointments for the same time or not and finally decided I’d have to drag them both with me no matter what, so we might as well get it all done at once. It was a little chaotic (I seriously can’t believe that the pediatrician’s office of all places doesn’t have childproof cabinets.),  but we managed without anyone getting hurt. (Although we came close since Cooper decided to jump off the exam table even though it was several feet off the ground.) Cooper made it into a legitimate weight percentile (4%), is on the short side (12%), and has a huge head for his body (50%). Ellen, it turns out, is pretty average (about 50% for everything). Ellen was the only one that needed shots, but Cooper got such a concerned look on his face when they stabbed her with needles that I almost started to cry too. He really does love his little sister.

Checking on Ellen.

If Ellen is still asleep when he wake up, Cooper runs into her room, climbs on the rung of the crib, and shouts, “Aby-gah! Aby-Gah!” (Baby girl! Baby girl!)

The world is his canvas.

Cooper loves drawing and even though he has notepads and pencils he always finds that one pen I forgot to put away and draws all over the couch. Luckily a friend pinned instructions about how to clean a microfiber sofa. Other things I have to constantly take away from him include the diaper cream, my phone, and the camera.

Rocking my five fingers.

He still has a thing for shoes and loves it when I forget to zip my under the bed shoe storage container. He’s getting pretty good at putting his own shoes on and we’re working on clothes, although he’s much better at taking them off than putting them on.

Playing with his new basketball hoop.

Cooper is the cautious kid on the playground. When we arrive he hangs out with me for a minute to scope the scene before running away to play. When other kids are diving down the slide head first he will cautiously approach the slide and typically won’t go down unless I go with him. The pediatrician says this is a good trait because he’s less likely to get hurt 🙂

Reading books in his room.

 While the kid loves having someone to play with, he’s pretty good at entertaining himself.  One of his favorite things to do is take his cars and trains and drive them all over my unmade bed.

Ellen stretching out on the couch.

I’m pretty much convinced that Ellen is the best baby ever. She is so calm and peaceful. She puts up with her brother’s doting attention without complaint.

Ellen saying hello.

She really only fusses when she’s hungry or has the hiccups and she’s such a good sleeper. She’ll sleep anywhere between 6-10 hours at night and is really efficient about eating so the one time I’m up isn’t very long. I haven’t hardly felt a need to nap except for our traditional family wide nap on Sunday. I’m really spoiled this time around.

Ellen studying a library book while doing tummy time.

Since her birth, people have constantly been asking me “How are you feeling” in a concerned way and I always tell them, “Great, better than I’ve felt in months!” and I mean every word of it.

Smiling at Noel.

Ellen is quick to smile and always seems to save her biggest ones for Noel. I think it’s pretty clear that he’s sweet on her too.

Ellen and Cooper hanging out in the morning.

I think my kids are great and am loving watching how they interact. I hope they grow up to be the best of friends.



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  1. I have also wondered why doctor’s offices aren’t childproofed. I’m glad Ellen is so sweet and that she sleeps that well!

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