The Zoo

The Zoo

Since our last attempt to visit the zoo didn’t work out, we used Noel’s last paternity leave day to go when the zoo was less busy. We went on a rainy weekday, so once the school groups ran for their buses we practically had the whole place to ourselves.

Turns out my purchase of this fleece suit wasn’t completely for naught.

Ellen could have cared less about the zoo, but was plenty content in her fleece suit.

Cooper and me in front of the giraffes.

Cooper liked most of the animals (most of which were “dogs”),

Does taking this picture make me a horrible parent?

but was terrified of the peacocks.

Noel and Cooper feeding the birds.

He was okay with the smaller birds though.

Cooper checking out a gorilla.

Cooper’s favorite section of the zoo was the Primate Panorama. He might have been mistaken for one of the monkeys if it weren’t for the glass dividers.

We’re all a little sad that Noel’s paternity leave is officially spent, but glad that we could use the very last of it for something fun.

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  1. That picture of Cooper with the peacock is priceless! I love it. I’m glad you guys were able to make it to the zoo.

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