I’m starting to think

I’m starting to think

  • we don’t eat like most people.  I just finished a bowl of  leftover Vidalia Onion Soup with Wild Rice topped with Blue Cheese Croutons for lunch.
  • I’ve unintentionally turned my daughter into a social experiment. It seems like every time I take her out in public I dress her in blue or green. People get excited when they see the car seat and exclaim, “Oh, such a cute little . . . ” Their eyes flit back and forth from the safari print car seat to the flower blanket to her supposedly male colored clothes. (Ruffles and accessories apparently doesn’t make the gender detection easier.) Don’t worry everyone, I’m just messing with you.

  • about racing again. It’s crazy what your first trail run in 2 1/2 years  will get you thinking.
  • I traumatized my son by brutally murdering two moths that he was happily chasing around the house.

  • about opening an Etsy shop, but worry it will be a flop.
  • I may never get “What Doesn’t Kill You” out of my head. (Oh Kelly, you’ll always have a special place in my heart. Remember when Since U Been Gone was the theme song for my sophomore year of college? Oh those were . . .  Well, they were times anyway. )
  • my kids have me exactly where they want me. Every time they’re about to push me over the edge, they pull one of these stunts and all is forgiven.

2 thoughts on “I’m starting to think

  1. I wish we ate more like you. Maybe we’re getting closer 🙂 I think I’ve spent too much time on and occasionally over the edge with my kids lately. Any tips? Also, what are you thinking about selling in your etsy shop?? I am interested!!

  2. Vidalia onions are the best! And I’m not just saying that cuz they were created in our stake (Vidalia, GA). And don’t worry, people used to call Breah a boy even in bright pink ruffles and lace–old men are the worst, and living in St. George there were a lot of them! I think you should go for the etsy store…you’ll do great!

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