What We Wore

What We Wore

Save The Trees Shirt: gift, rue21 Shorts: circa 2003 – no idea on the price, Timex Ironman Watch: gift, Chacos: REI Outlet Circa 2006 – $45


Brown Ballet Flats: Totsy – $4.75, Skinny Cords: gift circa 2005, upcycled 2012, Pink Shirt: Down East – free, Polka Dot Shirt: Deseret Industries – $2.50, Earrings: gift

Since we are obviously trendsetters we thought we’d document these outfits we just threw together so we could inspire all of you. Seriously though, I remember when my college newspaper started featuring random students’ outfits. I thought it was a weird thing to do. Now this type of thing is ALL OVER the internet. These days I mostly find these types of posts amusing (Holy crap, people really pay that much for belts!?!?), but every once in awhile they make me feel ever so slightly covetous.  One of the sewing bloggers I follow regularly documents her outfits. I generally don’t pay these posts much attention, but right after Ellen was born she had a post where she was wearing a pair of burnt orange skinny cords that the irrational part of my brain told me I had to have.  My grandma had just given me some money intended for a “new mom” outfit, so I did some investigation and found that the pants cost a mere $150 at Anthropolgie. I guess that’s not too much for some people, but just thinking about paying that much for a pair of pants hurts every cheap bone in my body. (Don’t worry grandma, I bought something much more sensible.) So the dream of the burnt orange skinny cords got laid to rest. Then one day I was sitting at the kitchen table looking at an old pair of cords hanging on the line and inspiration struck. With a little help from a bootcut to skinny jean tutorial I had myself a new pair of pants by the end of naptime.

(Do you like how I dressed up for the after picture, but not the before? That’s a little trick I learned from weight loss ads.)

Before you get started, check the seams on your pants. The inside of my pants had a decorative overlay, so taking in the plain, outside seam was a better option. I actually still stuck with the  inside seam though and just took in the entire inner leg seam, crotch and all, to make the pants a little more low rise.  And here’s a little tip, if you turn the pants inside out when you pin them, you save yourself a step.

And you can take awesome pictures.

Oh, and don’t worry. We won’t be doing what we wore posts on a regular basis. That was just for kicks.

5 thoughts on “What We Wore

  1. My favorite way to go jeans shopping is to go to DI and gather several pairs that are around my size. I take two dozens pairs of jeans to the dressing room, try them on, and find a couple that fit. Speed shopping! My only pair of Tommy Hilfiger jeans I’ve ever owned cost me $8 and I wore them till the knees got holes, then made shorts. I don’t remember the last time I bought jeans in a “real” store.

  2. Fun post, I do love the old and new look. What a great gift idea from your Grandma. You always want to go buy something new after you have a baby and lost a few of those ponds. I’m always so amazed at how you come up with these great clothing ideas.

  3. I found your blog! It wasn’t that hard to do :). I love your jeans! I’ve always wanted to do that to a few pairs I own. Perhaps we should get together and have a sewing party. I know a few girls in my ward who are really into sewing. One of them even has her own sewing blog she posts up regularly.

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