Giant Plane Bag

Giant Plane Bag

On our recent trip we didn’t check any bags. It was kind of pain to haul three carry-on bags, two car seats, two strollers, and three personal items through the airport; I guess that just shows how cheap crazy we are.* Because we wanted to get the most out of our allotted free items, I decided I needed to make myself a giant plane bag for my personal item. I used some home decor fabric leftover from another project (and originally purchased on clearance), a pair of Noel’s old pants, and the bottom of the bag I upcycled into snack bags. I loosely followed this tutorial, but for the most part I kind of just made up my own thing. (Are you starting to notice a trend?) I thought about writing my own tutorial, but sometimes when you’re making stuff up as you go that gets a bit complicated . . . look, I’m just glad the thing didn’t turn out to be a giant mess 🙂

I did not end up using the zipper pictured.

I cut the pockets out of Noel’s pants to use inside the bag and cut the legs into long strips for the ties. I also paired the drawstring with an old carabiner for my “key tether.”

View of the interior

Three interior pockets, a place for my water bottle and a giant side compartment where I stash diaper stuff. The bottom piece even pulls out so you can throw this in the washing machine. Oh, this bag has everything. But because it has everything it is HUGE. So, it might not be the most practical thing in everyday life, but at the airport: complete lifesaver.

*On the way home we asked kindly if they couldn’t just check our carry-ons for free since they would take up the same amount of space no matter where they were and if we didn’t have to carry them on the plane we could board faster and irritate less people. They kindly obliged. I guess it never hurts to ask.

3 thoughts on “Giant Plane Bag

  1. I was thinking now is the time to use some of my bag jokes, but the truth just happens to be that Noel is a lucky man to have a wife as clever as you.

  2. That is an awesome bag! I love the idea of using pant pocket as inside pockets. I may have to make a similar (smaller) version!

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