Super Baby

Super Baby

The women I run with have started calling Ellen super baby. At first they called me super mom because I started running with them when Ellen was only three months old, but I corrected them and told them that the only reason it seems like I’m a super mom is because Ellen is a super baby.

Miss Ellen is now 6 months old and continues to be pretty amazing. While she has a generally cheerful disposition, she is also very determined. She and Cooper are already fighting over toys and she isn’t about to give in just because he’s bigger and older. Anyone have tips on teaching kids to share?

She gets around to pretty much everything she wants by rolling, but is frustrated by the lack of efficiency rolling offers. She can get up into a plank position and push herself backwards, but that makes her more angry than anything since she doesn’t want to go backwards. We know it’s only a matter of time before she figures out crawling.

When she’s mad she’s started making this hilarious face where she scrunches up her nose and makes impatient huffing noises. (Thanks for capturing this Serin!)

She can sit up now which makes her immensely happy. She’s also become quite helpful with finding the good deals in the grocery ads. (Or just eating the good deals in the grocery ads.)

Even though Ellen has a big personality, she’s just a petite little girl. She comes in at 3% for her height and 9% for her weight. Somehow she’s still adequately chubby though.

I honestly don’t know how she stays so “skinny.”  She still nurses well and begs for food whenever we’re eating. She’s liked pretty much everything we’ve given her. (Except maybe the horseradish sauce that accidentally got on an avocado slice I was sharing with her . . . )

I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised at how ravenously she eats everything. She’s obviously not very discerning in her tastes.

5 thoughts on “Super Baby

  1. She is such a sweet little baby! I have to agree on the “Super Mom” assessment, maybe one day you’ll tell me something that you’re not good at so I can feel better. 😉

  2. She does sound like a super baby but I think you are a super mom too. I love the picture of her going for whatever Noel is holding, and her angry face 🙂

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