The Daily Grind

The Daily Grind

I’ve always been one of those people that liked to be busy. When I was in college I always had at least two jobs, took a full load of classes, managed to regularly feed my exercise addiction, and was still able to maintain some semblance of a social life. Being constantly on the go really did give me an adrenaline high. I loved having a full calendar and testing the limits of how thin I could spread myself.  Having kids has changed my ability to maintain that type of momentum. It’s just hard to do much of anything with much speed when you have to multiply every variable  in the daily equation by three. Needless to say, working this last month and still fulfilling all of my mom duties has kicked my trash.  I really don’t know how working moms do it. The logistics of babysitters, preparing meals for when I’m not going to be around, and pumping all the time, ugh. All month I just had to keep dropping things because I didn’t have time for them and our eating out budget was through the roof.  I’ve loved driving around in a quiet car and wearing fancy clothes, but it’s nice to slow down and not get dressed till 10 (or later . . . ).   After my last high school visit earlier this week, I just laid on the floor and watched my kids play with cars for almost an hour. No joke.  I’ve spent the last couple of days recuperating by making lavish meals, running my washing machine non-stop, and fitting in a few workouts. I’ve definitely been reminded that being a mom is a legitimate full-time job. And for your viewing pleasure, a small gallery documenting the work of my primary bosses.

2 thoughts on “The Daily Grind

  1. I can totally relate! I have started teaching full time again and I feel exhausted! Your little ones look like they are having so much fun!

  2. I’ve definitely had similar experiences with my kids. Just the other day I had a little girl over to play with Anika so her mom could get a break. I texted her mom and 11:30 and said I would probably bring her home about 12:00. I didn’t end up getting her home until 1:30! It was all largely due to slow eaters, multiple potty trips, poopy diapers, getting shoes on, getting all three kids to get in the car and then get buckled. Ha.

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