Midnight Snack

Midnight Snack

Last night, Noel and I were folding laundry when we heard a rustling noise coming from Cooper’s room. We opened the door while grumbling about how he really should be asleep by now and then burst into laughter. The sound we’d heard was the wrapper of a granola bar. A granola bar he had stashed away earlier and then retrieved to sit at his little Ikea table for a civilized midnight snack. When we first opened the door a look of fear crossed his face, but when we started laughing he developed a huge grin.  We all sat in the glow of his nightlight while he finished and then kissed him and put him back in bed. Today I checked his room for contraband and will be making sure he eats more dinner.

2 thoughts on “Midnight Snack

  1. What a sweet boy.

    Noel, do you remember how you kids would have your names written on your allotment of the pop tart packages? And if I remember right, your stash of Halloween candy always lasted the longest.

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