You Know They Cry, Right?

You Know They Cry, Right?

After it was established that we did indeed have health insurance, everyone in our families was pretty excited when we broke the news that I was pregnant with Cooper. Amid all the congratulations, one comment sticks out in my memory though. “You know they cry, right?”  Noel’s grandma asked us.  Yeah, we’d heard that was a common problem with babies, but it didn’t stop us from wanting one.  Three years later, when it’s been a really long day (or night or week) where the kids are perpetually having meltdowns those words, “You know they cry, right?” often enter my mind. Oh, boy was Virginia right. They do cry (and whine and scream) and sometimes it makes me wish I could rewind and go back to the days when no one called out for me in the middle of the night and whenever people wanted food from me they just used words. Full night’s rest and civilized conversations, oh those were good times. But even when my patience is about to go bankrupt, those little people always have a way of weaseling their way back into my heart. That little boy will pat the couch next to him and snuggle right into me when I join him making me forget what it was I “needed” to be doing. Or that little girl will giggle so hard and flap her arms like she’s trying to fly and I can’t help but laugh and hug her tight. Oh, yes they cry, but fortunately that’s not all they do.

Ellen enjoying fall at a local pumpkin patch.


Cooper scoping the pumpkin selection for Halloween.


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