Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Now that I’m an adult and have to buy enough “safe” store bought candy to suffice for any rugrats that might drop by my door, I kind of think Halloween is a weird holiday. But, I do enjoy dressing up my own little rugrats. I haven’t had much time to work on personal sewing projects lately, so I took the lazy route and just reused costumes we already had.

Ellen is an adorable little monkey

and Cooper is Max, once again. I’m kind of thinking I should have made him something different since the costume is kind of a tight squeeze, but I think the cute factor makes it passable.

Happy Halloween everyone!

5 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Oh what charming little goblins. They will be candy goblins after tonight. You know they eat to much candy, right. ( Hope you appreciate the humor.) They are incredibly too good looking to be scarey. Have a happy Halloween.

  2. Cute! Cooper’s costume is so cute and Andrew and Ellen are twinners this year! -It will be so awesome to have monkey pictures of both of them to put in their wedding video 😉

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