The Holy Grail of Sourdough

The Holy Grail of Sourdough

The Atkins diet never stood a chance around these parts; we are carbivores through and through. Bread is quite literally our staff of life. We are picky about our bread though, which can be an expensive habit. Unless of course you are fortunate to be married to a man who lists bread making in his hobbies. Luckily for me, I am that fortunate. Noel makes a delicious crusty artisan bread and a hearty whole wheat for sandwiches and toast. We rarely buy bread from the store, but the one bread we consistently find ourselves purchasing is sourdough. Making a decent loaf at home has just seemed beyond our reach, until now.

I made my own sourdough starter several weeks ago and have tried my hand at a few different recipes. Most of the recipes were insanely time consuming and labor intensive (there was one loaf that I literally spent two and a half days babying), which was extremely frustrating when the results were only average at best.  I was about ready to give up on my dream of homemade sourdough when Noel suggested I borrow some of the techniques from our favorite bread recipe. I baked my first trial loaves today.  My approach was less labor intensive than previous attempts and the results were undeniably delicious. We practically consumed an entire loaf paired with a hearty stew all in one sitting.

Check out the updated recipe on Dirty Dish Club.

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  1. I’m that lucky too (to be married to a man who lists bread making in his hobbies) 🙂 We’ll have to try your recipe.

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