Christmas Can-Can

Christmas Can-Can

I typically try to avoid retail establishments as much as possible during the month of December. We hole up, living off of food storage and purchasing any remaining gifts online.  Historically this has been a good strategy, but this year I didn’t plan quite as well and within only one week of Christmas I found myself at, take a deep breath, Costco. The only time I’ve seen it worse was when we mistakenly showed up the Saturday before the Superbowl. (Admittedly, I am generally oblivious to the Superbowl’s occurrence and have never actually seen one. True story.) The good news is, we survived and now that we’ve gotten that out of the way hopefully we can focus more on “Silent Nights” and “Peace on Earth.”

2 thoughts on “Christmas Can-Can

  1. We once had to go grocery shopping the day before Thanksgiving. The only clear aisle was the “health foods aisle.” I’ve never seen a super bowl either. And I love that song. Its one of our holiday traditions.

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