Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

I’m learning not to talk about children and sleep. More often than not, this topic of conversation makes me want to punch other people because their children sleep and mine don’t. On the rare occasion that my children are actually sleeping, talking about it seems to be bad karma because the day I open my mouth about it we have a HORRIBLE night. That said, I am not going to discuss my children’s current sleep habits, but I will say I am often amused by their sleep arrangements.

Exhibit A: Cooper is always climbing into Ellen’s crib and is dying to have a sleepover.

Two Little Monkeys

Exhibit B: Cooper zonked out on the couch when he was staging a silent protest for TV watching privileges. Yes, that is the DVD case for Cars that he is snuggling.


Exhibit C: Ellen loves to play in her crib instead of napping. This often leads to crazy sleep positions when she finally can’t fight  her exhaustion any longer. This has been the craziest way  I’ve found her yet.


Exhibit D: Our kids had colds a while back and I’d pulled out a hat for  Cooper to wear to bed because I suspected his ears might hurt. I told him it was a “special sleep hat” since he didn’t seem too keen on wearing it at first.  I haven’t had him wear it lately, but he keeps finding it after we tuck him in and comes out wearing it in the morning. Maybe doctors should start prescribing “special sleep hats” instead of sleep aids 😉 Just a thought.

A gift from Grandpa Tick

4 thoughts on “Sleep in Heavenly Peace

  1. I’m with you 100%. Naptime has been our big sleeping problem lately.

    I hate the line in Away in a Manger that says “The poor baby wakes/ but little Lord Jesus no crying he makes.” I’m pretty sure he cried.

  2. I have a similar picture of my baby with her legs poking out the crib and her little bum pressed up against the slats. Kids and sleeping…

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