While We Were Away

While We Were Away

The only reason we were able to go on a trip without our kids is because we have the only grandkids. If our kids weren’t such a hot commodity, I don’t think we could have convinced my parents to spend their spring break watching them. Fortunately for us, doing what we do every day sounds like fun to them, so they were more than happy to pretend to be us for a few days. Now that they’ve done it, we’ll see if it ever happens again. The kids of course loved spending time with grandma, grandpa, and Uncle Mitchell and hardly noticed that we were gone.


6 thoughts on “While We Were Away

  1. Your vacation looked like it was heavenly! I so want to see the ocean this year. So pretty!

    Randomly enough I have actually read The Beast in the Garden. I took a class called Living with Wildlife as a freshman, and that was one of our textbooks. It was a good read, but made me just a little paranoid while on walks…

  2. We didn’t travel to Denver to babysit because your children are a “hot commodity”. Least you forget, we live in Utah where infants and small children can be found in abundance. Honestly, we came because we love you and Noel and Cooper and Ellen and we wanted to give you the opportunity to get away. We enjoyed our time with the kids and hope you enjoyed your time alone.

    Your dad wanted to write a blog for you of what happened while you we’re gone. Maybe he still can, his perspective would definitely be different than yours.

    1. I think that’s a great idea! I’d love to hear your side of the story. Have Wayne write it up and email it to us. I’ll gladly post it.

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