My Newest Gear Acquisition, Ergo My Favorite

My Newest Gear Acquisition, Ergo My Favorite

I’ve tried to keep things fairly simple with my baby gear. The nurseries have been free of bells and whistles and I’ve even forgone a lot of things that I’ve heard make motherhood more convenient. (I mean I didn’t own a Boppy pillow till Baby #2 and even then I DIYed it.)  However, when it comes to actual baby gear, you know the things that help me haul my baby from point A to point B, I don’t scrimp. I’m a momma on the go, so I need my stuff to be effective and reliable.  With great care (and sometimes plain old luck) I’ve curated my collection: my beloved Maclaren that’s traveled all over the country (literally), the versatile and trusty Chariot, and the handy Kelty child carrier that’s seen more 14ers than your average Coloradan. My most recent acquisition is one that I wish I had purchased three years ago.

The Ergo makes me feel like Super Mom. (And no the baby isn't mine.)
The Ergo makes me feel like Super Mom. (And no the 2nd baby isn’t mine.)

I’ve been coveting an Ergo Baby for quite some time, but haven’t been able to talk myself into buying one because I’m cheap and it seems silly to get one this late in the game. However, my growing distaste for our second child carrier (an off brand thrift store find), a little extra Etsy shop cash lying around, and my smooth self-talk about how even if I don’t use it for very long and never have any more children my sister will be very appreciative of it some day  were enough to persuade me. (Are you reading this, Hope?) Noel’s plea for me to just buy it so I would stop talking about it may have also been an influencing factor 😉 I of course found a pretty good deal and have fallen in love with my Ergo Baby. It’s way more comfortable for hiking than our off-brand pack and will be perfect for our trip to Alaska later this year since it folds down compactly. Even though Ellen is almost a year-and-a-half old, I use it all the time around the house. I’ll put it on so I can make dinner when she’s grumpy or so I can mow the lawn without her under foot.

Noel hauling Ellen up a mountain.
Noel hauling Ellen up a mountain.

My main motivating factor in writing this post wasn’t just to brag about my Ergo Carrier, but really to let you know that if you want one Zulily is having them as one of their deals for the next three days. (They even have a few organic ones!) At first it made me sad because even though I got mine on what I considered a killer deal, this one’s even better, but I decided to stop being sad and share the info so maybe someone else could be happy. If you’re in the market for a good baby carrier I’d highly recommend this one. And no Ergo Baby isn’t compensating me for this; pretty sure the blog isn’t popular enough for corporate freebies.

Even Cooper isn't too big for the Ergo.
Even Cooper isn’t too big for the Ergo.


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  1. I too, have an Ergo. I used it like crazy with Avery, and still do, on occasion. And every time I use it, I think how much I wish I had it with Adam.

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