OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Awhile ago we told Cooper if he learned to use the potty we would take him to see the movie Planes. I made a big sticker chart with two weeks on it thinking that would be all we needed (this was our third attempt at potty training, yet I was optimistic) and by day eleven Cooper had run up a huge tab of damages and I’d abandoned the sticker chart believing he would be in diapers forever. I’d even read a few potty training books, much to my chagrin, and concluded that none of the methods were made for my kid. So I just gave up developed a laissez faire attitude about the whole thing. Everyone had told me potty training wouldn’t work until it was his idea, and even though that drove me almost as crazy as my stubborn child, they were right. Once we stopped trying methods things happened naturally. Not one of those overnight miracles that will be made into a Hallmark movie, but a gradual improvement that was still a miracle nonetheless. I told my sister that Cooper learning to go to the bathroom is the second best thing that’s ever happened to me (marrying Noel is obviously the first) and it isn’t too far from the truth. To celebrate our euphoria we dropped Ellen off with a friend and took Cooper to see Planes. (Perhaps the only bonus of potty training taking so long was that the movie was at the cheap theater.)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe movie itself wasn’t my favorite, but it was really fun to sit in the theater with my big little boy and watch the excitement on his face as he watched his first movie on the big screen.

Movie Theater

7 thoughts on “Planes

  1. Congratulations! It is such a hurdle. My boys have each taken about three months to really feel like they “mostly” had it mastered (and even then, of course, it is gradual). And, like you said, there has to be a time of handing it over to them–I got to a point where I think “We don’t seem to be making much progress–should we take a break?” (Well, with both boys we have started, and taken a break for a few months and tried again, but I ask this during the second round). And, when I am almost ready to take a break, we miraculously start to see progress and something clicks for them. You’ll have to let me know if girls are any easier!

  2. YAY! that is so great. It gives me hope.

    We told the girls that they can have princess underwear if they go the whole day in underwear. They haven’t been able to cash in yet.

    But I know what you mean about little improvements. I’m still so happy that they can even pee in the potty.

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