4th of July

4th of July

When we moved to Colorado four years ago we didn’t fall into the category of people that are devastated to leave “Zion.”  I can honestly say that Colorado is “home” and that I love living here, but that doesn’t stop me from feeling a little homesick for Utah every now and again. With the birth of my first nephew I was especially missing many of the things in Utah that are near and dear to my heart, so we decided to make a quick trip over the Fourth of July.

Colorado Heart

Getting out of town was a little hectic. There were loose ends to tie up, friend’s kids to watch, a half day of work for Noel, and most importantly, a hair appointment to keep. I absolutely loved my long hair, but was ready for change (and was maybe getting tired of a certain little girl twirling my hair into knots). I took 12″ off my longest layer to send off to Locks of Love and then headed home to pack and load the car.

HaircutWe rolled into my hometown well after midnight. The kids had the hugest grins on their faces when they woke up the next morning at Grandma’s house.

cooper car
Cooper cruising around on my parent’s beautiful driveway. Photo by my mom.
silly grandpa
Being silly with Grandpa. Photo by my mom.
Being trained in the art of bagging by Uncle Mitchell.

The highlight of the trip was of course meeting Porter. I wish I had more frequent opportunities to snuggle him, but I made the most of the time I had.

I'm an aunt!
Me performing my first duty as an Aunt.
Manly Snuggles
Noel adopted the role of Uncle well.
Cooper and Ellen were smitten with Baby Porter. They were also surprisingly careful which was a relief. Photo by my mom.

While in Utah, I was reminded of a few things I miss, like having relatives around who can watch the kids,

living so close to a temple (I know a 1/2 hour drive is nothing to complain about, but I miss the days when I could walk to the temple.),

and of course, the cheese factory.

Cheap CheeseWe ended our trip by driving through Bear Lake. We went on a little hike, ate raspberry shakes, and went wading.

Then we hopped in the car and made the long drive back home.

Watching movies in the backseat.
Watching movies in the backseat.

It was a good trip and I think it will tide me over until our next visit.

PS In case you were wondering,  it turns out Cooper is still not a fan of peacocks.

Posing with Percy the Peacock at my grandparents house.

6 thoughts on “4th of July

  1. Wow, I love your hair, long and short! It looks great. And you are lucky that your kids fall asleep at midnight in the car on road trips. The last two times we did that, mine were saying, “I’m tired, I can’t fall asleep. I think we need to get a hotel and finish the trip in the morning.” By midnight, there was quite a bit of moaning and wailing, and I was trying hard not add to it myself. Congrats on being an aunt! (I hope to be one someday too).

  2. I LOVE the picture of the kids with their cousin! ♥

    Do your grandparents have a pet peacock??

    1. It’s more like the neighborhood peacock. He’s as “wild” of a peacock as you’ll get in a suburban area 😉 My Uncle can make it do tricks though.

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